The process will start by sending out our  drivers to recover any material that your company has scheduled for disposition or disposal. Upon pickup Two Rivers assumes all liability for IT hardware.

Security is a major focus of the Two Rivers service offering:
1. Secured Pickup
2  Bill of Lading upon pickup
3. Heavily detailed unloading process
4. 24-hour camera surveillance from unloading to disposal
5. Motion detection and monitoring on all man doors and dock doors
6. 24-hour security
7. Enclosure systems within the warehouse configuration
8. Redundant wiping processes
9. Customized reporting for detailed tracking

A wide range of data is captured on every piece of equipment that is received by Two Rivers. Two Rivers can customize this report and data captures to fit the customer’s specific needs. 

Two Rivers will provide the customer with a serialized Letter of Liability Transfer for all assets and will assume liability of all units delivered by the customer and/or picked up by Two Rivers. We will also provide the customer with a serialized Document of Destruction for all assets received. This document certifies that all data on the systems delivered to Two Rivers will be destroyed. Further, any data that was present on equipment will be rendered unrecoverable.

data security
Two Rivers utilizes a data removal program that guarantees no client data will reach the aftermarket. Two Rivers will erase all hard drives according to Department of Defense (DoD) standards, applicable laws and regulations. Hard drives that cannot be booted or are not in working order are removed from the PC and or storage device and physically destroyed rendering all information unrecoverable. All data bearing pieces that do not require resale will be physically destroyed in a shredder. Two Rivers will provide the customer with a certificate of destruction/erasure.

Two Rivers offers a ‘lease return’ service which involves the following processes: 
1. Pickup
2. Inventory
3. Testing  
4. DoD data wiping
6. Detailed reporting and disposition auditing
7. Delivery to final destination

Two Rivers also offers a ‘redeploy’ service which involves the following processes:
1. Secure pickup/delivery
2. Inventory
3. Testing
4. Wiping
5. Physical cleaning
6. Auditing
7. Detailed reporting
8. Shipment back out into the environment
9. Two Rivers also offers this service with wireless devices

Two Rivers only works with downstream recyclers who are R2 certified. Two Rivers itself is in currently in the process of earning the R2 certification. We adhere to a ‘no landfill’ policy which means that all salvaged material is disposed of properly. R2 stands for ‘Responsible Recycler’ and ensures that all recycled material is done so in the to the highest environment, health, and safety standards.

Once done testing, wiping, verifying, and auditing, all re-sellable material (at the customer’s discretion) will go onto a sales list that will be sent out to purchasers. Buyers of resale equipment sign a 'used equipment sales agreement,' a 'non-disclosure agreement,' and a 'subcontractor agreement'. A percentage of the sales revenue is offered back to the customer.